Rpg Maker XP

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LIST OF SCRIPTS (for reference only)


Battler L Effects Battle Panorama
Collapse System Collapse Animations
Damage Pop System Cursed Weapon
Enemy Level System Shake Effect
Blue Magic Luck System
Enemy Auto States Combo Display

Menus / Scenes

Main Menu Item Menu
Skill Menu Equip Menu
Status Menu End Menu
Shop Menu Game Over
Name Input Animated Title Screen Sofia
Animated Title Screen Celia Fire Emblem Title Screen
Character Select Scene Story
Active Hud I Hud
Zelda Hud Castlevania Hud
C-Hud S-Hud
VS – Hud

Field / System

Scroll Panorama Animated Panorama
Fog Effects Item Limit
TP System Location Name
Treasure Name Time Meter
Warning System Resume Game
Picture Number Chain Commands
Advanced Load Bar Picture Gallery
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